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PATRICK TA Major Glow Body Oil | A Vision

Absolutely glow-rious, Patrick Ta’s Major Glow Body Oil illuminates skin with a dewy, pearlescent veil – whether you apply it to your décolleté, arms, legs or all-over for a captivating glow. Enriched with nourishing olive oil and squalane, the formula delivers a hefty moisture boost with a non-greasy reflective finish. Stabilised vitamin C works on a deeper level to boost radiance, stimulate collagen production and protect against environmental aggressors. Adding to the allure is the divine signature scent – a fragrance swirled with jasmine, saffron and ambergris. There are three shades to choose between, all of which have a transparent base but with different coloured pearl reflects: ‘A Dream’ has champagne reflects, warm rose ‘A Vision’ has pink pearls, and deep bronze ‘A Moment’ has gold pearls.