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Look At Me | Vegetable Bunny Face Mask

Revitalizing and refreshing facial mask, formulated with barley extract and hydrolyzed collagen that help hydrate deeply so that the skin looks radiant, soft and healthy. This mask will help you revive and refresh tired skin. Barley and mushroom extract help enhance the skin's protective barrier by calming acne-prone skin thanks to its anti-inflammatory effect. Azaleic acid, contained in barley, helps fight hyperpigmentation. Another effective ingredient in this mask is rice extract that works to equalize skin tone while helping to clean away impurities caused by external agents. Contains sunflower seed extract and hydrolyzed collagen that prevents premature aging, leaving skin smooth.


After facial cleansing and tonic, apply the mask and leave on for 15-20 minutes. Then gently remove and massage until completely absorbed, without rinsing.