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Lime Crime | Brush Set | Confetti Drop

  • Fluffy highlighter brush - Dust a burst of highlight to the upper contours of the face.
  • Round angled shadow brush - Gradually blend eyeshadow for a dreamy finish.
  • Angled paddle shadow brush - Amplify vivid shades, add depth to the crease, and shape the outer corner of the eyes.
  • Flat liner/brow brush - Smoke out lash line shadow with precision and ease.
What it does:  Applies powders, creams and liquids flawlessly.

What it won't do:  Shed or leave streaky blotches when applying your favorite pigments.

How to use it:  Use eye brushes to pack on color or buff them out. Use face brush to pop on glow on the high points your face to catch your perfect light.
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